SYGAV 10.2" Android car stereo radio for 2013-2018 Toyota RAV4 / wireless CarPlay WiFi Bluetooth

Pure Android 10.0 Operating System - CPU Processor: Rockchip RK3399 PX6 Hexa-core    Dual Cortex-A72 @1.8GHz + Quad Cortex-A53 64-bit @1.5GHz - RAM : SAMSUNG DDR3, 4GB  - ROM : Flash Memory, 64GB

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What's so good about the car's Android big screen? Some mobile navigation has it The advantages of mobile navigation are nothing more than fast map update, accurate positioning, and professional navigation. These are of course powerless for the original car navigation, but for the car's large Android screen, it is just a "trivial". After all, it is the large screen of the Android system. The AutoNavi Maps and Baidu Maps that are often used in mobile navigation can be easily installed without difficulty, and naturally they have the same features of fast map update, accurate positioning, and professional navigation as mobile navigation. In addition, as an Android system, most apps on the market can be installed at will. If your car’s large screen also supports 4G, then watching videos and chatting on WeChat will be stress-free, and the journey will be more interesting. Of course, it is precisely because there are so many playable APPs. It is recommended that you choose the 2G RAM version as much as possible when buying a car Android large screen. After all, the size of RAM has a great influence on the running speed of the machine, and it is better than 1G. A few hundred dollars more RAM can bring a completely different experience. In addition, the scalability of the car's Android large screen is far more than that of the mobile phone. After all, mobile phones are foreign to cars. In addition to supporting map navigation, watching videos, chatting on WeChat and other functions, the mobile phone also supports many reserved interfaces, which can add many practical configurations, such as tire pressure monitoring, Reversing image, mobile phone mapping, etc. The installation of the car's Android large screen will undoubtedly greatly enhance the car experience.

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