SYGAV 10.2" Android car stereo radio for 2006-2011 Honda Civic GPS navigation CarPlay Android Auto WiFi Bluetooth

Pure Android 10.0 Operating System - CPU Processor: Rockchip RK3399 PX6 Hexa-core    Dual Cortex-A72 @1.8GHz + Quad Cortex-A53 64-bit @1.5GHz - RAM : SAMSUNG DDR3, 4GB  - ROM : Flash Memory, 64GB

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The difference between car audio and video navigation Android system and Microsoft What are the advantages of Android system navigator? First, the Android system is an open platform. The open code allows peripheral software vendors to directly connect to the core software interface, making it more portable and cost-effective to write many applications based on the Android system. In this way, there are many third-party software that cooperate with the peripherals of Android computers or electronic products. Many customized software can be easily downloaded from the Android market, pea folder and other software platforms. Second, the navigator used to use the WINDOWS CE operating system, it was difficult to realize the functions of connecting the car to the mobile phone, WIFI, and 3G Internet access. In the past few years, users were not very strong about this function. In the past two years, the popularity of Android smartphones , And many third-party software are to achieve more breakthrough functions through the Internet, so the industry needs this open large software ecosystem of the Android system; Third, the previous traditional navigator factories also introduced the function of voice control commands, but the commands must be preset in the recognition database in advance, such as commonly used navigation functions, try to save a few more commands in advance, such as "open navigation ", "Open map", "Open GPS", if there is no storage, the owner will say "Open satellite navigation", the navigator will not understand this command, but if you access the cloud computer background through the 3G network, any one Voice commands will enter high-speed data analysis. Any navigation command, such as "I want GPS", can also be implemented by the Android navigator. Why do you need to talk about the function of voice control in particular, because this command is a revolutionary function change for driving. The voice control function is not obvious in other areas, but it is a relatively closed environment in the car, suitable for clear commands. The driving action also needs safety very much, so when driving, the voice command is used to minimize the attention away from the driving during the driving process and distract to the operation of the navigator.

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